We offer a wide variety of solutions for
drainage & Sewer problems.

The Super-Vee offers you a complete system for cleaning drain lines through 3″ in diameter. With a variety of cables, cutters and accessories available, you have the right combination for any clogged drain problem.

This inexpensive, light weight machine has lots of time-saving features. For instance, you can remove the drum in seconds for more portability or to switch to a different diameter cable – with no mess and no lost time.

Look at the portability that goes with that power and capacity. The Maxi-Rooter rolls on 10″ ball bearing semi- pneumatic wheels and has V-belt stair climbers for easier transport up and down stairs.

The powerful JM-1450 electric water jet gives you as much pressure as you can get from an electric jet. It generates 1500 psi at 1.7 gallons per minute, yet only pulls 13 amps.

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Whether the issue lies just out of sight or deep down in the drain pipes below your home, we can get the job doen right the first time. In 1960 Hector Belanger started as a one man one truck operation that has now expanded into a 3rd generation family owned and operated business.

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